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Our Mammography Physicists are licensed by the State of Florida and lettered by the FDA, we are fully qualified to test FS, FFDM Stereotactic and Tomosynthesis*. We have experience on more than a thousand mammography units of all types.

* New modalities not yet accredited through the ACR units have been submitted directly to the FDA as these sites were either at research facilities or at BETA sites.

Acceptance testing and Annual Mammography unit testing are performed as required by the ACR and MQSA.

Services include testing after major repairs which include; new installs, detector replacement, tube replacement and or brick replacement, monitor evaluation, printer evaluation. We establish the baseline QC data, provide quarterly QC review to include electronic or paper QC worksheets depending on your facility’s needs. Our testing meets the standards of the various accrediting bodies such as MQSA, The Joint Commission, RadSite, IAC or ACR.

Radiologist mammography review station monitors are tested annually to include vendor specific quality control tests, SMPTE and ACR phantom evaluation. All reading stations for mammography must be tested annually.

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Jon Shepard


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We provide excellent individualized customer service and have extensive knowledge and experience with equipment in every modality. Our consultants will help your facility run at the highest level through efficiency and professionalism. If you have any specific questions, we look forward to hearing them. We are eager to help!