Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear Medicine

At Fusion Physics we have successfully tested hundreds of Gamma Cameras of all types, most for accreditation. Jon Shepard is Board Certified by the ABR in Medical Nuclear Physics, Board Certified by the ABSNM in Nuclear Medicine Physics and Instrumentation and licensed by the State of Florida in Medical Nuclear Radiological Physics.

Chantel Corbett and Robin McCarthy have extensive knowledge and experience with Gamma Cameras of all types, clinical protocols and procedures and have helped over 100 facilities obtain accreditation.

Services include Annual Gamma Camera testing, semi-annual phantom collection as required by the ACR and Acceptance Camera testing as requested. Our testing meets the standards of the various accrediting bodies such as The Joint Commission, RadSite, IAC or ACR. If desired we can help create a QC program, provide Annual QC review to include the establishment of the QC procedures and recording of baseline measurements. Documentation may be in the form of electronic or paper QC worksheets depending on your facility’s needs.

Nuclear Medicine

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Chantel Corbett


Robin McCarthy

A.S., RT(N), RSO

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We provide excellent individualized customer service and have extensive knowledge and experience with equipment in every modality. Our consultants will help your facility run at the highest level through efficiency and professionalism. If you have any specific questions, we look forward to hearing them. We are eager to help!