Radiation Safety Officer

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Radiation Safety Officer

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of record keeping procedures to ensure compliance with the Florida Regulations performed quarterly. By reviewing the Technologists documentation and procedures on a quarterly basis we are able to evaluate and modify if necessary. Evaluation of the facility’s current ALARA program and technologist practices for possible reduction in exposure are a part of the routine reviews.

Annual radiation safety and hazardous materials training are provided to facility personnel. Employee dosimeter reports are reviewed and signed quarterly and provided electronically to the facility for review and retention.

Radioactive materials license creation as well as amendments for various items are handled in coordination with your staff. Your RSO is available for communication by phone, email or text. We maintain a great working relationship with the Bureau of Radiation Control Evaluators and Inspectors and stay up to date on regulatory changes so that we can make you aware.

Radiation Safety Officer

Primary Contact

Chantel Corbett


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